Catan board generator

Board generation settings:


How to use:

There are two ways to use this generator: automatically and interactively. You can automatically generate a board, adhering to the board generation settings selected above, by clicking on "Generate/Complete". Alternatively, you can click on any of the hexagons in the grid and set their tile/token values yourself. By clicking on "Derive Consequences", you can see the consequences of your selections. This also removes possible values by crossing them out. If you select "Help me avoid errors", this step will be done automatically each time you select a value, thus removing the possibility of errors. If you are uncertain why a specific value is crossed out, just click it and the system will explain the reason.

Tile types are denoted by their color: from left to right, the tiles are hills (orange), forest (dark green), pasture (light green), mountains (grey), fields (yellow), desert (vaguely yellow), and unselected.


Powered by the IDP-Z3 reasoning engine. Created by Simon Vandevelde.
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